Best ideas often come from…

best ideas often come when you drift off to sleepDid you ever notice that your best ideas often come to you when you are just drifting to sleep or just waking up? Maybe you keep a note pad beside your bed. Perhaps you are one of those people who finds that stroke of insight as you are driving or taking a relaxing bath or shower.

Did you ever wonder why that is?

It may be attributed to what is known in Hypnotherapy as “bypassing critical factor.” As our brain drifts from conscious into subconscious or Beta wave where it is fully engaged in thinking and active concentration, we arrive at Alpha wave.

In Alpha wave we are more are able to suspend the part of the mind that makes pre-existing judgments.

Alpha wave is connected to a relaxed mental state. This allows us to visualize more possibilities while suspending the negative judgments of our critical mind. This is where the “magic” happens!

If you are a person who has noticed that your best ideas often come to you during these times of serenity, then you may be experiencing a form of self-hypnosis.

Bypassing critical factor is an essential part of what is done during the hypnotic induction in hypnotherapy. After the client bypasses critical factor they invited to imagine the yes and the success without question. This is when we remove the blocks we have created to our own success. These blocks often come is the form of the things others have told us that we perpetuate through our lives.

Many of those undesirable messages no longer serve us well, and they probably never did. So imagine success in all of its vibrant hues, your inner mind is handing you a gift. It is lighting the path for you to follow!

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