Fertility Treatments Add Stress Reducing Stress Helps You Get Pregnant Researchers at the National Institute of Health and Oxford University found that stress can be a significant reason that couples fail to conceive. Women were less likely to conceive when they exhibited higher levels of a stress-related enzyme known as alpha-amylase. That enzyme is secreted […]


In a previous article on treating infertility with Hypnotherapy, we talked about helping clients get pregnant by making it easy for nature to do its thing.  Many of my clients who come for hypnosis to reduce the stress hormones such as epinephrine, adrenaline and cortisol so that they can create a healthy physical environment for […]

Treating Infertility With Hypnosis

Unexplained Infertility “Jane” came to Sullivan Hypnotherapy in 2014 feeling, as she described, “sad and desperate.” She and her husband were dealing with infertility and had undergone two unsuccessful experiences with IVF. (Invitro Fertilization)  She had talked to her husband and they had decided to give IVF one last try. Jane had also heard about […]