Symptoms of Stress from Divorce

“Rita” lives in Arlington Heights and came to me seeking hypnotherapy to reduce stress in the fall of 2014. She had recently gone through a bitter divorce and felt her grown children were being manipulated by her ex-husband.  She felt alone and was afraid she would not be able to survive financially. Rita was unable […]

Best ideas often come from…

Did you ever notice that your best ideas often come to you when you are just drifting to sleep or just waking up? Maybe you keep a note pad beside your bed. Perhaps you are one of those people who finds that stroke of insight as you are driving or taking a relaxing bath or […]

Test Anxiety

“Dave” was about to enter his senior year at Schaumburg High School in 2010 and came to me to eliminate his test anxiety. Dave was a good good high school student, but found that when he sat for exams he became nervous, had trouble recalling information, and was easily distracted by sounds, and even his […]