Fertility Treatments Add Stress

Reducing Stress Helps You Get Pregnant

HypnoFertility Reduce StressResearchers at the National Institute of Health and Oxford University found that stress can be a significant reason that couples fail to conceive. Women were less likely to conceive when they exhibited higher levels of a stress-related enzyme known as alpha-amylase.

That enzyme is secreted in stressful reactions in “fight or flight syndrome” and is thought to reduce blood flow, causing delays in getting the fertilized egg to the uterus in time to implant.

That’s one cause of infertility caused by stress.

Are you a fertility patient?

infertility, get pregnantSubmitting to fertility procedures can be difficult and increase levels of stress, which also hurts your chances of getting pregnant. Long and expensive waits at the clinic; answering intimate questions about your sex life, including STDs and vaginal infections; asking about menstrual cycles; medications you’re taking; PMS and questions about your partner’s health and history can be difficult to say the least.

Overwhelming, right?

So you turn to the Internet to try and sort it all out. Some information can be misleading. You wonder if it applies to your specific situation. Information overload stresses you out!


People have been successfully conceiving for thousands of years; before the Internet, before all the tests. The human body knows how to get pregnant. The key is reducing the stress and putting your body back in a position to make a baby.

Progesterone is Key

Stress has a significant effect on the body’s supply of progesterone, a hormone that helps the preparation of the lining of the uterus before embryo implantation. Progesterone is also important during pregnancy.

During stressful times, a woman’s body produces more cortisol and adrenaline to help control the stress, but it takes progesterone to make cortisol and adrenaline, and that lowers the amount of progesterone needed to achieve and maintain a healthy pregnancy.

Success and good health comes when you reduce stress hormones and increase fertility hormones.

Stress is harmful to the body in so many ways. Yoga, meditation, HypnoFertility therapy and Reiki can help both men and women maintain a relaxed state of mind and reduce anxiety levels. Exercise and good nutrition, including a low-carb diet, can also help your body achieve a physiological balance that helps you get pregnant quicker.

At any age.

Getting Pregnant Over Age 35

in vitro fertilizationWe’ve helped women who have put their family plans on hold so they can concentrate on their careers, including high power professionals like a VP at a well-known Chicago-area corporation.

After 10, 20 or even 30 years, the desire to have a baby can be very powerful. I’ve also had clients on second marriages who want a child with their new husbands.

Don’t think it isn’t possible. 50+ women in Europe have children all the time. It’s more common there than it is in the U.S.

Stress is a major contributor for infertility. Reduce stress and you may find success when all other options fail.

Being of a ‘certain age’ and desperate for a baby can also increase your levels of stress.

When you realize you are under stress, ask yourself how those feelings and emotions are affecting you. How can you alleviate those problems?

Hypnosis and hypnotherapy can work wonders. HypnoFertility helps you relax without the personal questions and tests at a clinic.

HypnoFertility and In Vitro Fertilization

Using a HypnoFertility program can help women undergoing In Vitro Fertilization, which can be a huge relief if you’re paying $12,000 to $15,000 for IVF. We have had success helping women conceive even before they even complete IVF.

Our office is a warm, pleasant place. The atmosphere is very soothing compared to a clinic. It helps our journey to achieve relaxation and put the body in a natural place that allows conception.

Case Study: Hypnosis for Fertility

Getting pregnant over age 35“Pam” from Elk Grove Village came to see me for help getting pregnant. Pam is a fit, healthy forty-two year-old, suffering from infertility.

She got married last year. When she went to her doctor she was devastated. Having only tried to get pregnant for three months, her doctor told her to start looking into adoption because she was ”too old to get pregnant.

Pam’s family has eastern European roots, so Pam knew relatives that had given birth later in life, and had never given any thought to being “too old” to have a baby.

Pam came to me after three failed IVF treatments. She told me she was angry at her body, mad at herself for waiting too long to find the right partner, and desperate to find a way to get pregnant as she always knew she wanted a baby. She told me she was about to embark on IVF treatment number four when she found out about hypnosis for fertility. I explained that the stress hormones work against fertility hormones.

Pam has a stressful career. I told her that the “fight or flight” chemicals and hormones; Epinephrine, Adrenaline, and Cortisol, all work together during stress to help her run away from an attacker or fight them off. It is a primitive part of our brain that protects us from basic harm. That same process also robs her secondary system of Fertility of much needed oxygen, blood, and chemicals and gives much of it to her primary systems of breathing and heartbeat to protect her during stressful times.

Hypnosis to get pregnant helps to lower stress levels, regain trust in the basic process of the body to conceive, and using mind/body techniques assists a woman in visualizing a positive outcome…  a healthy, viable pregnancy.

We got started with the stress management sessions, and by her third session Pam felt a noticeable shift in her mood. She felt more positive and peaceful.I told Pam to enjoy her new marriage and try to conceive naturally since she is still menstruating.

Certified HypnoFertility Therapist

Diane Sullivan – Certified HypnoFertility Therapist

I was surprised when she told me that her doctor had put her on birth control pills to control her cycle and prepare her for her fourth IVF. That seemed counter-intuitive to me as she is healthy and still has periods. I decided to work with her in a complimentary fashion to increase to chances of success in the next IVF.

Several of my previous HypnoFertility babies are also IVF babies. Hypnosis can be used when trying to conceive naturally or in conjunction with fertility treatments such as IVF.

I gave her a biofeedback monitor to take home so she could measure her stress and get in touch with how her body feels when she is calm. Pam reported at her fourth session that she was surprised that the monitor revealed that she was stressed when she thought she was calm. She has been using the visualization and self-hypnosis techniques I have taught her and is happy to see how much better her stress level is on the monitor since then.


Pam went to the doctor and was told that she has twelve follicles. In her previous three IVF treatments the most she has had was four. During retrieval last week, eight were mature and six have fertilized. I will continue to update on her progress…

Get Pregnant Naturally Using HypnoFertility Program

Learn more about the benefits of HypnoFertility therapy and improving your chances of getting pregnant by clicking here.

Or call for a free no-obligation consultation with a caring practitioner, Diane Sullivan, a Certified HypnoFertility Therapist at 847-222-0022.



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