Treating Infertility With Hypnosis

Unexplained Infertility

infertility“Jane” came to Sullivan Hypnotherapy in 2014 feeling, as she described, “sad and desperate.” She and her husband were dealing with infertility and had undergone two unsuccessful experiences with IVF. (Invitro Fertilization)  She had talked to her husband and they had decided to give IVF one last try.

Jane had also heard about Hypnofertility and had read about the possible benefits when used in conjunction with IVF.

I helped Jane to manage her stress through guided imagery and explained how the stress hormones can affect the body’s natural functions. Jane was given a Biofeedback device to take home so that she could learn to recognize how she felt when relaxed and then be proactive in creating that relaxation using the self-hypnosis techniques I taught her in my office.

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Can I Get Pregnant?

We used hypnosis to allow the procedures to be more comfortable and less worrisome than the prior procedures had been and also used techniques to help rid Jane of negative thoughts. During each step of the IVF experience Jane was feeling calmer and more positive than she had been and was ready to accept the outcome and let go of anxious expectations. I am happy to report that Jane had a healthy baby girl in March of 2015.

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