Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy to Quit Smoking

smoking cessation“Bob” from Arlington Heights had been smoking for 45 years when he came to Sullivan Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation. He told me he was ready to stop smoking. He said during the free half hour consultation that he was “disgusted with the smell, the cost, and the social stigma of smoking.” He also worried about his health.

His wife had died a few years earlier and his grown children worried that they would be without their dad as well. Bob had developed COPD, (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), a progressive lung disease characterized by breathlessness. He knew that his smoking habit may shorten his life and was negatively affecting his health. He needed help to stop the deadly habit he had started at age fifteen.

I explained to him that I understood the relationship he had developed with cigarettes. I am a former smoker. I have been smoke free for twenty six years.

I explained how those cigarettes have been lying to and deceiving Bob for forty plus years by telling him they were a friend while robbing him of his oxygen and taking money from his wallet. I explained how all smokers basically start smoking for the same two reasons when they are younger, and that in a state of hypnosis I would help to redirect that well-worn pathway to create a new healthier habit.

Stop Smoking by Hypnosis

This is where Bob would feel that positive mental shift and lose his desire to smoke. I explained that I have a very high rate of success at helping people break the smoking habit and not gain weight as a residual effect as I have built many positive post hypnotic suggestions for healthy eating and fitness into the hypnosis session as well as stress reduction techniques which may become automatic and result in increased energy and more restful sleep.

This is one reason that smoking cessation is a longer session than most. At the end of the session Bob was given a hypnosis recording to reinforce many of the hypnotic suggestions and he was instructed to listen to the recording every night for thirty nights. I also gave him an affirmation recording which he could play in his car.

After follow up phone calls at one week, one month, and three months post hypnotherapy Bob reports he is “still smoke free and feels twenty years younger.” Bob told me he wishes he had come in to see me sooner. I told him he needed to be ready for the session to be a success and wished him good health in the future.

Custom Smoking Cessation Program

Do you know someone who would benefit from giving up cigarettes? Do you or a loved one want to break the dependence on tobacco & nicotine addiction and start seeing benefits within hours of when they stop smoking.

The consultation is free. The benefits last a lifetime! 847-222-0022

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