Stress Relief

Got Stress?

stress relief hypnosisOur brain structure has not changed since we were living in caves and hunting our food with rocks and sharp sticks. Obviously with such primitive weapons we could have become dinner for some of those animals.

Enter our brain’s natural defense for the body: the fight or flight mechanism. Any time we perceive life threatening danger our brain releases powerful chemicals into our blood stream. These chemicals; epinephrine, adrenaline, and Cortisol give us strength to fight and speed to run ourselves out of danger.

This was very beneficial when we lived in a world filled with dangerous predatory animals. In today’s modern world our fight or flight response can be triggered by public speaking, job interviews, traffic jams, school exams (often known as test anxiety), family problems, health issues, social situations or any number of life challenges.

Even positive things can increase stress levels!

Stress relief is needed by anyone with a job, family obligations or community responsibilities.

Stress Symptoms

Negative effects of chronic stress include: insomnia, irritability, difficulty concentrating, inflammation, suppression of the body’s immune system, elevated blood pressure, weight gain, increased dementia risk and many other serious health conditions and problems.

Obviously, managing stress is a key to managing your life and your health through the mind/body connection. Your emotions and autonomic systems such as breathing, and heart beat reside in your subconscious mind.

Stress can kill you.

“After just 3 sessions with you, I feel a difference on the issues that we’ve worked on. You assured me that within time, I would feel differently, and I do. You are what you say you are, and what you do is effective. Without hesitation, I can say that you’re a compassionate, understanding, insightful and intuitive hypnotherapist, and I hope that other people will have an open mind, and an open heart, to allow themselves to be in your care.” T.S. Chicago

Stress Relief

The Mayo Clinic says the first step in successful stress relief is deciding to make stress management an ongoing goal. Once you start monitoring your stress level, the next step is identifying your stress triggers.

Hypnotherapy can make it easier for you to manage your every day and situational stress in just a few sessions. I also teach my clients self-hypnosis techniques to use at home. Through visualization and deep breathing techniques my clients are able to dial down their fight or flight response and find the peaceful tranquility within that they desire and deserve.

anxiety relief


Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is similar to stress but generally lasts for a short period of time and may be connected to a specific event. People gets anxious about taking a test or meeting someone new. They may experience heart palpitations, obsessive thoughts or cold sweaty hands. See the Case Study: Test Anxiety.

It’s important to get treated for any mood disorder, because it can affect your own quality of life — as well as the people around you.

Sometimes it helps to just ‘talk it out.’ We’re here for you with a free no-obligation consultation. You can request it by filling out the form on the right, or by calling 847-222-0022.